Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thank you for calling. Please hold.

In case it isn't painfully obvious to anyone by now, we have had to put this endeavor on hold. We still want to do this, but for now with me getting my Masters in Library and Information Science getting my career started has to take priority. Ruben is supportive, and I'm applying all over the country while he looks at schools and continues to read everything he can find about hot dogs and sausages. :)

We plan on getting back to this once we know where we've settled and once my career is back on track again. (Gotta work while we do this so we can pay the bills!)


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Back in LA

Well we have been home for a few months and finally settled into the routine of Los Angeles again. I am back at LA City College and Brett is busy doing the arduous work that achieving a Masters Degree entails. It is my opinion that the best way to proceed is to find a place that resembles what I am trying to do in Philly and get a part time job so I have hands on experience to add to our business plan. Unfortunately there is not much to choose from. The food at Skooby's and Pink's in Hollywood are not what I would serve to people. And the latest news from LA Weekly is that Fab Hot dogs in Reseda is voted best Dog in LA. I guess compared to the rest they might be? Instead I think I will focus on Weeneez Downtown and The Stand in Culver City. I think they might resemble what I have in mind a bit more. Who says a hot dog has to be a greasy, heavy, or cheap experience that keeps on giving hours after you have eaten it. Not me.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The land of 1000 Cheese Steaks

Well we seem to have reached the end of the road. We thought it fitting to sample what Philly has to offer by way of The Cheesesteak. The two places that came up were Geno's and Pat's in The Italian Market area. (The former the "Best cheesesteak in the city", the latter the birthplace of it.) As someone who has sampled many a Cheesesteak in my day I have to say that it's good the place was crawling with tourists. It was fun and campy and for $9 bucks you should be happy to get what you do. Be mindful of the ordering process however as they will tell you very quickly if you order a sandwich or french fries in the wrong manner or at the wrong window. Honestly, neither of us was that impressed, and if that's the "best" Philly has to offer, they'll be clamoring over our menu.

The Italian market itself had some amazing shops that filled the senses as you walk in with cheeses and meats that could rival any found in Italy. Who knew that a Sopresata could sell for $30 a lb? I wanted to try some of the cheeses but as we are on our last day and last dime Brett wouldn't let me. I know I'll be back when we move down here.

We also had a chance to really explore the Wissahickon (over 60 miles of trails!!) on foot (since we sold our bikes) and it was majestic. The streams were full, the trees were green, and the air sweet from the torrential summer rain that came the day before.

We will will miss Philadelphia and for some reason it feels like instead of us going home we are leaving it.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Just had the best hot dog we have ever tasted in our lives. An all beef frank from a Halal butcher in Center City. (As he explained it to us, Halal is essentially Kosher for Muslims - though that is a simplification).

Regardless, it made for the best frank we've ever had; juicy, crunchy casing, full hearty meat flavor, no aftertaste - and of course, absolutely NO added ingredients like the Dietz & Watson or Vienna Beef dogs we've been finding all over the city.

I'm putting in a call to the butcher in the morning for wholesale pricing info and we're going to talk to him about a discount for using him exclusively as our frank supplier and for putting his shop's name in our menu (yes, it was that good lol). After all the hot dogs we've tried in the past month, finding one that good is worth pursuing.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

On Pumpkin Pond

We spent the better part of the weekend in upstate New York with my dear friends Tod and Jay at the incredibly secluded, incredibly beautiful country house. It was wonderful to see them again and have real time to relax and talk with them. The beauty of the place, however, must simply be seen to be believed. A major picture post follows.

PS- only one more week here OMG!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Eat at Moe's

Just got back from Moe's. Brett enjoyed it more than I did. Maybe because after 2 hours he still tastes them with each burp. I'm not sure that that's the sign of a good dog. The place was very nice inside. It was spacious, light filled and on a corner that offered plenty of parking for the truckers and construction people that stopped by on their lunch breaks for a quick inexpensive bite.

We tried 3 of their hotdogs. The Chicago, the The South Street and the Fried dog. The Chicago was fresh tasting with tomatoes, pickle, onion, jalapenos, and mustard. The South Street had chili and slaw. And the Fried was a special of theirs lightly fried with a mozzarella stick and slice of bacon on the bun.

The best thing I could say was that the bread was toasted, hearty, and could stand up to the fixins on the dogs. Since they were between $2-$3 dollars it is understandable that the ingredients fared the way they did. All and all it was a fun experience but Philly is still in need of something different as far as I'm concerned.

PS- The place on Olive and 24th formerly called The Dog House has a for rent sign, but apparently only the apartment upstairs. We're looking into it with the realtor.


Well, we didn't make it down to the Philadelphia Regional Produce Market yesterday because we unintentionally walked half a marathon. We walked up Kelly drive along the Schuykill River (our regular morning exercise) and ended up walking all the way to the Wissahickon River. There was a huge rainstorm here Tuesday night that had it running full and the vegetation was lush. Truly a beautiful walk, but we were so exhausted after that we decided to put off the PRPM.

Along the walk we happened upon the Restaurant Depot. It's kind of like a stand-alone Costco and open to business owners only. Decent prices and plenty of the kinds of restaurant supplies we'll need next year.

We walked back through Fairmount Park and explored some of the beautiful houses hidden away up there.

We explored Germantown as well. There is some amazing architecture up there (evidenced below) but on the whole the area is extremely poor and dilapidated. No way we could live there, let alone open our shop.

Right next door across the bridge Ruben found East Falls again, the area where the governor and Senator Arlen Specter live. Once he makes a governor's salary (or at least once the shop takes off) we may be able to afford it, lol.

We tried to head to Moe's Hot Dog House, the only real competition in town but they close right after lunch. We'll try again today. Pretty interesting menu, but it's way down below Graduate Hospital in a very industrial part of town. I think we'll do fine if we stay up in the Fairmount as we're thinking. (Also, they use only Dietz & Watson dogs, which are way too salty for us. We'll use the more quality ingredients we've been finding at good butchers here and in Lancaster.)